Started on October 28, 2021

Tactical medicine courses comprise classes where students learn to offer immediate medical assistance to casualties in a combat zone. These courses are extremely vital in military services and civilian caring departments of all nations. Guns Valley Firearms Training Institute is renowned for offering the top tactical medicine in USA.

Our courses are based on tactical emergency casualty care concepts and are also recognised by the military department. We host numerous tactical medicine courses through which students are taught the basics of giving first-aids to casualties during an emergency. Our institute also holds advanced tactical medicine classes for candidates to learn high-level tactical medicine techniques.

Tactical Medicine Courses

Our Objectives:


  • We explain to our students the importance of first aid in an emergency. This helps them to decide the appropriate behaviour while in a high-threat zone and giving care to casualties.
  • Our trainers describe several self-help techniques required at times of an emergency. These techniques include controlling haemorrhages perfectly, looking for the correct airway, dressing severe wounds, and preventing shocks. Students who are experts in these techniques can help themselves perfectly and survive the most difficult threat environment.
  • We also teach techniques to take care of fellow beings during an emergency. Our experts teach students to apply all the self-help techniques appropriately to their co-survivors. Therefore, you can apply these helping techniques and prevent fatal conditions in your surroundings during a war.
  • Guns Valley Firearms Training Institute creates a real-life setting for students to understand an emergency in practicality. We create simulated blood and wounds for students to get the real feeling of surviving casualties in a war. Our institute also simulates a traumatised situation to test the efficiency of a candidate in a real war zone. Therefore, students are recommended to wear old clothes since they will be exposed to artificial blood.

Nowadays, United States citizens are more inclined towards attending latest tactical medicine in USA. These courses help the government save thousands of lives and dollars during an emergency. If a person is trained in tactical medicine, he can assure his and his fellow companions’ safety in the most difficult environments.

Modules included in the Best Tactical Medicine Courses in United States

Guns Valley Firearms Training institute hosts two modules for tactical medicine courses. These modules are basic training and advanced training, and anyone is allowed to attend them. Candidates need not have prior experience of this training to enrol in our courses.

Basic Tactical Medicine Training

Our basic tactical medicine training includes the core principles of first aid in a threat environment. Professionals from all backgrounds are welcome to attend this training to strengthen their caregiving techniques in emergencies. Paramedics, Navy Medical Professionals, Surgeons, Nurses, etc., enrol in these classes since they are the first to attend casualties in a war.

Besides these professionals, the commoners of the United States also attend these classes to learn the cores of tactical medicine. You can learn the essential skills from our experts and form a team at times of emergencies in the country. The strong educational foundation you form through our classes will help you serve thousands of people.

Advanced Tactical Medicine Courses

The advanced classes follow our basic training courses and are meant for anyone willing to go deeper in this field. We teach them high-end medical care tactics to deal with the most difficult situations. Our institute has the industry’s top experts who offer the Advanced tactical medicine in USA. Therefore, students enrolling in the advanced courses can be sure to get the maximum learning benefits from us.

So, brush your tactical medicine skills by attending our courses and serve your nation in grave emergencies!

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