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Product Info for 6.5 grendel brass

The 6.5 grendel brass case is the most popular brass for benchrest shooting. The 6.5 grendel brass is the parent case for the .22 PPC, 6mm PPC, and the 6.5mm Grendel cartridge. More than 90 % of all the benchrest shooters in the world use 6.5 grendel lapua brass as a parent case for 6mm PPC. There is no doubt – Lapua’s .220 Russian brass is the king of benchrest reloading.

Lapua 6.5 grendel brass for sale is the best cartridge case choice for demanding reloaders

The base, body and neck of Lapua brass have been designed to maintain exact tolerances over multiple reloading cycles. Advanced metallurgical research and manufacturing techniques ensure that our cases are leaders in uniformity and quality.

Lapua cases are the best in the world, a statement supported by all top marksmen. The 6.5 grendel brass for example, is the number one reloading brass choice of the best benchrest shooters all over the world. All our cartridge cases are strong and uniformly precise. Lapua brass is manufactured to be reloaded, again and again. For reloaders who require absolute reliability from their ammunition, Lapua’s pistol and rifle cartridge components is the answer. Something is certain; we never leave our brass behind.

The 6.5 Grendel case is tailored to complement the AR-15 action and it outperforms the .223 Rem. and other cartridges used in the AR-15. The caliber is continually expanding in popularity in disciplines which necessitate little recoil and tack-driving accuracy.

Specifications for 6.5 grendel brass for sale

Manufacturer: Lapua
Gun Type: Rifle
Bullet Type: Brass
Cartridge: .220 Russian
Primed: No
Brass Quantity: 100 Piece

Features of Lapua .220 Russian Unprimed Rifle Brass:

  • The base of the case: The Lapua case heads are drawn exceptionally hard for unmatched reloadability and for an exceptionally long life cycle to serve top shooters time and time again. The brass dimensions remain constant and will hold primers tight in their pockets even after many reloadings.
  • The brass body: The brass body section of Lapua cases is hard and resilient for unmatched durability. It is easy to extract after firing, whether the reloader opts for full sizing or neck sizing only.
  • The case neck: Strict tolerances in concentrity and wall thickness are used in manufacturing of the case neck. The neck and shoulder of Lapua cases are annealed to withstand repeated reloading.

Package Contents:

6.5 grendel brass

  • lapua 6.5 grendel brass Unprimed Rifle Brass

26 reviews for Buy 6.5 grendel brass | 500 Rounds Available In Stock

  1. Make bay

    Nice price without ordering bulk quantities.

  2. wayne jack

    I receive the wrong ammunition instead I receive 10 gauge shells when I had order 7.62×39 so I had to wait longer for fed ex to pick up my return and now have to wait even longer for me to get my order I am disappointed with sportsmans response I would of though they would overnight my order or offer me something for the inconvenience but instead I have to wait almost 3 weeks to receive my order

  3. jack

    Shoots great and a great price! I have bought several hundred rounds and have no problems.

  4. jacky

    Great bullet. Great service from GunsValley.com

  5. joe

    Never had a problem running this ammo. Thumbs up palmetto as always.

  6. hans

    Since buying this ammo, I’ve put nearly 1000+ rounds down range. Never had a bad experience with them. Yes, it’s cheap steel-cased, but AK’s should eat right through them no problem. Never had a misfire or any other malfunctions while running this ammo!

  7. bryan

    Good ammunition for the AK

  8. karl

    Greatjust as pictuered

  9. mathew

    I received the ammo on time, but each box in the case was taped up snd every box was damaged, even to the point that some ammo was loose in the case. The ammo itself is ok, but I repacked it into ammo cans for storage. SG should ensure better packaging, especially for items like ammo. I have been a customer for over 20 years, and this is the first time that I have had this problem.

  10. nany

    Great Ammo, Great Price so join the club!

  11. raphael

    As described great price

  12. ben

    Great price (for now) , never had any problems with it , i prefer it over American ammo .

  13. vans

    Arrived as described. Brand new in cartons .

  14. went

    The product arrived just as described. Have a little experience with this brand in the past and have been satisfied with the reliability and consistency of their ammo for the price.

  15. exyl

    Was worried about other reviews, but my ammo came on time and cheaper than anywhere else, locally or online. Will do business again!

  16. peter

    Prompt delivery. Good service.

  17. patrick

    Good value, no FTF

  18. sammy

    Fair price and like the 4 pay

  19. hqrry

    Sweet, good price for this ammo. I shoot a lot of it and haven’t had any issues.

  20. stanley

    g this brand and I am very pleased. accuracy and consistency is good, feeds well and does not jam up. a good product and good

  21. divine

    Fired a 100 rounds through a Russian and Chinese SKS, functioned fine with no FTF or FTE.
    Good accuracy and no duds. Buy it while you can.

  22. m4m

    Pleased to find pleased with the quick delivery and pleased with the quality and quantity of product thank you

  23. fineess

    Great product arrived on time and great payment options. Del

  24. leo

    Order was quick. No issues. Recommend

  25. philip

    Shoot it thru my SKS (1991 vintage Norinco new at the time), accurate, reliable, no feed or eject jams, looking forward to shooting it thru my new Polish AK.

  26. ismeal


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