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The Russian Army commissioned the creation of a new weapon that they called the “3-line rifle, Model 1891.” This rifle was a hybrid of the Mosin and Nagant designs. On Model 1891s, the many trades and compromises that took place between the two designs are evident. For instance, in the first version of Mosin’s design, the spring was not linked to the base plate, therefore it was possible that it would become detached while cleaning.

As a result, the more functional and convenient design proposed by Nagant, in which the magazine spring is linked to the base plate, was adopted. The “interrupter” was another component that was changed between the designs of the Mosin and the Nagant.

The first design of the Nagant did not include an interrupter, which prevented two cartridges from being loaded simultaneously and resulted in a high rate of feed failures. As a result, the Mosin interrupter and a revised version of the feed mechanism design were incorporated into the Model 1891. Later on, when the Model 1891 was updated to become the M1891/30, the interrupter was altered even more significantly because it was still deemed to be an unstable component of the rifle.

From the time it was first developed until the end of World War II, when it was regular issue for Russian forces to employ in their fight against the Nazi invasion, the Mosin Nagant saw extensive use. After World War II, the Mosin-Nagant was replaced by the SKS, and later by the AK-47; however, it remained in service in the Eastern bloc for a considerable amount of time after that.

mosin nagant stock

Although the majority of Mosin Nagant in Western countries were surplus exports from Finland when the Finnish army modernized its weapons in the 1960s, the Mosin Nagant can still be found on the frontlines of countries that received aid from the Soviet Union throughout the 20th century. These countries include Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

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Brief History on mosin nagant

The first draft and accompanying testing
At the deadly Siege of Pleven in the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877–1878, Russian troops armed largely with Berdan single-shot rifles sustained enormous casualties at the hands of Turkish troops equipped with Winchester repeating rifles. This was especially true during the brutal Siege of Pleven. This made it clear to the Russian commanders that the general infantry weapon of the army needed to be brought up to date.

The General Armament Unit of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Empire (GAU) was responsible for the acquisition and testing of a variety of weaponry. In 1889, the Lebel M1886 was received from France through semi-official means. It came with a replica of the cartridge and the bullet, but it was missing the primer and the smokeless powder when it was delivered to the customer. These issues were resolved thanks to the efforts of Russian researchers and technologists (the smokeless powder, for instance, was produced by Dmitri Mendeleev himself).

mosin nagant

In the year 1889, three different designs of rifles were put forward for consideration. One of these designs was a “3-line” caliber rifle, which had a diameter of 7.62 millimeters and a caliber of.30. Another design was a “3.5-line” design, which had a diameter of 9 millimeters and a caliber of.35. The third design was a “3-line” design, which had a caliber of.35.

When the trials were finally over in 1891, the evaluators had conflicting opinions about the results. The primary drawbacks of the Mosin rifle were its more intricate mechanism as well as its lengthy and laborious process of disassembly (which required specialized tools because it was necessary to loosen two different types of bolts). The “artisan pre-production” method that Nagant used to make his 300 rifles was the primary cause of the inferior quality of manufacture and materials that were used in those guns.

The commission initially approved Mosin’s weapon by a vote of 14 to 10, but then changed their minds. At this point, it was decided to rename the existing commission and call it the Commission for creation of the small-bore rifle (Komissia dla vyrabotki obrazza malokalibernogo ruja).

Additionally, it was decided to write down the standards that must be met for such a weapon in its final form. The innovators complied with the request and handed them their finished creations. The head of the commission, General Chagin, gave the order for subsequent tests to be carried out under the supervision of the commission. As a result of these tests, the commission decided to put the bolt-action of Mosin’s design into production and give it the name 3-line rifle M1891 (trehlinejnaa vintovka obrazza 1891 goda).


43 reviews for Buy Mosin Nagant For Sale | Available In Stock

  1. Andrey

    No complains…..fresh deadly ammo at the best price online founded The only place that had them in stock at a comparable price. Fired repeatedly with no problems from a Ruger 380 LCP. Very lightweight but packs a punch

  2. roddy

    After shooting several hundred rounds thought it I couldn’t ask for more. Several other people have shot it and are surprised at how well it feels and shoots. I had some problems with factory reloads, after that not one issue. Even steel ammo runs great.


  3. Bryson

    My standard for 45 acp. Wish this order would have made it to my door – ups lost it.

  4. Author Mark

    I bought my Ruger ar-556 AR15 from impactguns Boise Idaho location. First of all the staff there is outstanding very very helpful,knowledgeable and just flat-out awesome people.!. I’ve had my Ruger now for about four months and I’ve put about a thousand rounds through it and mostly cheap ammo! perFecta,American Eagle and Some TulAmmo. Not one malfunction whatsoever! Out of the box awesome weapon! And you can’t beat the price. The only thing I’m going to upgrade is going to be the trigger. The trigger is a bit gritty and inconsistent But that is to be Expected with a entry level AR. Other than that I would highly recommend it. Great job Ruger!!

  5. Avery

    What’s not to love?
    Submitted 2 years ago

    By James

    From Louisiana

    Verified Buyer

    Excellent product that goes “bang” every time. Very consistent results from load to load. One primer for magnum and standard large pistol rounds simplifies my inventory situation. Try them and you’ll love them also.

  6. Megan vouche

    love this Ruger flat top 5.56 m4 AR works real good and don’t cost that much and it well made,

  7. Autumn

    I use them to load 45 ACP. Very happy with them.

  8. vakfile

    i bought mine for fathers day back in June. i have taken it out shooting since then here in Utah. Absolute flawless weapon system, excellent quality, well built and easy to handle-shoot-clean. No issues with any malfunctions and a very accurate weapon system.

  9. Liam

    Remington primers are my favorite whether the smallest or the largest and all in between. I have never had one fail in four decades.

  10. peter

    Totally impressed. I first heard of WW in about 2012 when I got out of the military, have always wanted one to support the company/team as I’m native to the New England area. I finally bought one in 2021, and I am blown away with the build and accuracy out of the box, this is easily the best complete AR I’ve ever fired. The transferable lifetime warranty makes complete sense with a rifle like this. Nicely done Windham Weaponry.. my only regret is not having bought one 8-9 years ago.

  11. namh

    I ordered 5K of these LPPs when they were on sale hoping they would be good performers in my 45acp reloads. I am not disappointed! They are easy to seat (I thought too easy at first) and I am pleased with their performance. Every primer has fired so far… several hundred loaded and shot so far. I find these equal or better in quality to CCI LPPs. Great product

  12. dareln

    The windham weaponry src is just as nice as other $1,500 AR’s and the fit/finish sometimes better..properly staked and particle inspected with chrome lined chambers and bores. Carpenter steel and commercial tubes for easy changes. Nice metal mags and a top notch warranty. What also impressed me was their customer service,free case and sling.very fine rifle.even the trigger feels good..tight and crisp.

  13. Oliver

    I purchase these primers mostly because they were such a great deal. I have been pleased with performance. Ignition has been 100% so far (several hundred shot) and they are very easy to seat. At first I thought too easy, but I’ve had no problems at all in that regard. I find Remington LPPs to be equal to CCIs or Tula products. Look for your best deal and buy!

  14. vannick625

    I bought this rifle because the price point was right for me and I don’t need a "race" nor "combat" AR15 with lots of rails, lights ect. First off the fit & finish of the rifle is first rate. No play between the upper & lower receiver and the included hard case, sling, 30 round magazine and empty chamber plug were a bonus. I mounted a Vortex Strikefire red-dot on the rail, no BUIS, and off to the range. Off a sandbag rest at 50 Yd.’s to zero in and the first 10 shots were all over the place? 6"X6". I forget to KEEP BOTH EYES OPEN, D’oah, as this was my first time shooting a red-dot sight. The next 10 shots put me in the 9 ring and the next 10, adjusted further, resulted in a 3" group center mass, the best I can shoot. Note: I was shooting .223 ammo not 5.56mm and the slight difference in chamber dimensions will make a difference in accuracy. Importent note: Although the rifle comes well lubricated out of the box and following the pre-firing cleaning as required by the owners manual, I experenced a failure of the bolt to hold open after the last round was fired on 2 different magazines (50 rounds). I was told by Windham tech support that one needs to "generously" coat the bolt carrier with gun grease, not gun oil, during the break-in as this part takes the most stress during the firing cycle. Overall, if your looking for an entry level AR rifle this is, in my opinion, one of the best options out there.

  15. William.

    Unlike a competitor’s brand, I haven’e had a single misfire. They also feed perfectly through my old Dillon RL 450. Very pleased. Price was good also.

  16. mel

    I can’t believe the quality of this gun for the price. Actually it’s got the best looking finish on any AR that I’ve seen and it shoots as good as it looks. Took it straight out of the box and fired 90 fast rounds through it with no failures of any sort.

  17. Elid

    Worked everytime I pulled the trigger. I use them in the .45 auto rim and .44 mag. No problums ever. Been using them for years……Doug

  18. joe

    I had been shopping and shopping for a Windham for a decent price for quite some time, then finally checked with impact on their pricing (made purchase at Boise Id store). They beat all local dealers on their pricing for this model. My wife and I took this out to shoot on our anniversary, along with out other firearms, and had a blast, literally. I purchased this model because of the aircraft aluminum upper and lower, where as the carbon fiber is…well carbon fiber. I dont have anything against the carbon models but I personally like the feel of metal. The upper and lower fit well together, no sloppiness, small amount of play but barely any. Many complain about play between lowers and uppers when in reality the ar 15 was designed to be able to be taken apart with your hands. Excessive play between upper and lower is another story but a small amount is to be expected with most. I have seen ar 15’s that are so tightly put together that you have to use a punch to get the take down pins out. Ultimately this rifle is spot on with quality material, fit, finish and ergos. Meets all expectations I desired. I would recommend it. Magpul flip up sights were perfect to start with (I bought these separate, but they were discounted because i bought them the same day as the rifle) Bonus is the life time warranty that is transferable. Thanks impact for another quality piece!

  19. Benjamin

    Excellent primer. Very consistent priming and to date I have never had a bad primer.. thats 40+ years and over 100,000 Remington primers.

  20. luke89

    I bought this rifle at a local gun shop. I went in looking for and entry level AR-15 to customize. I talked a lot with the guys in there and in the end they recommended this Windham Weaponry flat top to me for the plans I had for my rifle. The original owner of Bushmaster started a new company and start producing this AR-15 under Windham Weaponry. I love mine. I have a bipod on mine and every time I shoot I am always in the middle of the silhouette with a 3" wide ‘column’ group. I’m not a regular rifle shooter so I am very happy with that group. Every shot is right down the center of the target with some climbing and some falling, but all are in the middle. The few that strayed left or right were definitely my fault and I called it out as soon as I let the shot go. I couldn’t be happier with mine. I can’t speak to the durability or longevity of the gun. I’ve only put about 100 rounds through it so far. I don’t have a lot of money so ammo doesn’t come very often. Great rifle though. Highly recommend for an entry level black rifle. It would be up to someone with more experience and range time with this rifle to offer a recommendation on the other tiers.

  21. Charlotte

    Use these primers for my 45 acp. Good functionality with no problems encountered. Don’t know of anything really negative to say about this product.

  22. nathalie

    Posted by Arctic Soldier on Nov 14th 2014

    Super impressed by the reliability of this weapon. I have built 25+ ARs, some with pistons. Accuracy is not bad either, best group has been .4" w/ 77gr SMKs and .9" with (ZQI/MKE) 62gr FMJs. No malfunctions with 1200 rounds so far

  23. Amelia

    I started reloading at age 11. I’m 61 now and shoot 15000 reloads a year down from 30M or so when I was a Law Enforcement competitor. Now as then always Remington Primed. They’ve never let me down…..unless it was my fault. I’ve tried other brands but feel like I’m cheating on my wife when I do. Nothing is like Remington.

  24. matha

    Was looking for my first AR15 and overwhelmed with all of the choices out there. DPMS, S&W, PSA, ATI, etc. in the entry level price range. Should I spend more?? This question I kept asking myself. Stumbled onto the Ruger AR-556 and was impressed with the features including the forward assist and dust cover for the same money as the M&P Sport. After some consideration I purchased the Ruger. I’m super happy with it! The build quality and performance are superb. It’s very accurate and now after nearly 1000 rounds through it (both 5.56 & .223) with no malfunctions or issues whatsoever, I’m still very happy and would recommend this gun to anyone looking for an inexpensive AR and no need to spend more!

  25. Mia

    My order for the #2 1/2 Remington primers was to add to my current supply. I’ve used the Rem #21/2 for 35 years of reloading and have never been disappointed.

  26. licd

    Worth more than the sticker price. This is a solid product. Hats off to Ruger. I’m in love with mine.

  27. Harper

    These are my choice for all the 45 ACP I load. I load a lot, shoot a lot, and these Remington primers NEVER let me down. The package/trays are very small and store more efficiently.

  28. theo

    I purchased my Ruger 5.56 about 6 months ago and have fired over 700 rounds without a stoppage or malfunction. I would highly recommend this weapon to anyone looking for a dependable and accurate weapon on a budget. I was shooting respectable groupings at 100 yards using the factory sights.

  29. Evelyn

    As a revolver shooter it was important to find a primer with a soft cup to replace Federal primers. The Winchester primers work fine which is important in speed competitions.

  30. mayday

    Did everything I expected and then some! Well worth the money!

  31. Addison

    finally in stock

  32. samh

    I just purchased mine and have seen ZERO problems with it! Out of the box it was accurate and ready to go! I’ve fired around 500 rounds of 5.56 through it with no jams or issues. Its every bit as good as my friends’ top of the line AR rifles. I Just added a quad-rail and you can no longer tell it is in anyway an entry level rifle. Looks great, and shoots great! AWESOME GUN!!!!

  33. Ainsley

    Winchester primers have been around longer than I have and have always done the job exactly as expected. I will continue to use them.

  34. sorel

    Don’t let the lower price on these rounds full you. I have uses many of these rounds with zero issues and I have gotten some of my best groupings with this ammo.

  35. Aria

    I used them for reloading, as my Reloader hates CCI

  36. hinds

    Very disappointed with purchase. Too much plastic . Not what I expected. Accuracy is not the best and I will be parting ways with this asap

  37. Ashton

    I have been re-loading since 1978. Winchester primers are my go to primer when they are available. Very consistent in ignition and superior in performance overall.

  38. vin2

    This is my first ever AR-15 and I absolutely love this rifle. If you plan on putting a duel point sling on this, you’ll have to buy an extra attachment for the front (under the front sight). I also put a butt-pad / recoil pad on mine after my shoulder became sore after shooting it. Recoil on this gun is next to nothing and it shoots very smooth and extremely accurate. I’ve fed it brass and steel case ammo and only ran into one jam. The jam, I believe, was probably caused by user error when putting the ammo into the magazine. I’ve never had a jam since then. This is my first Ruger and this gun made me fall in love with them. I highly recommend it!

  39. Aubreyws

    Work fine for me I like the non- plated finish.

  40. ppfa

    Excellent buyer

  41. hope

    I was torn between an AR556 or a SR556. Saved money and got the AR556. What a great weapon. When I get my tax return I plan to buy 4 more for everyone in the family. Great gun and priced right. I’ve run 420 rounds through it with one failure to eject. That’s it. Accuracy is very good and I’d rank it almost as good as my SR762. But that isn’t fair because I feel the 7.62 to be THE round for an AR. 9 of 10 for me.

  42. daon

    good post

  43. ismeal

    performance overall.

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