G2R RIP AMMO 9MM 92GR 500 Rounds

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Product Description
G2 Research, RIP, 9MM, 92 Grain, Lead Free Copper
Product Specifications
UPC Code: 863552000009
Manufacturer: G2 Research
Manufacturer Part #: 00009
Model: RIP
Caliber: 9MM
Grain Weight: 92Gr
Type: Copper
Description: Lead Free
Units per Box: 20
Units per Case: 500

Category: Product ID: 7761



G2 Researchs RIP Ammo (Radically Invasive Projectile) self-defense ammunition is a devastatingly effective choice for the concealed carry enthusiast. This 9mm ammo features a precision-machined solid copper lead-free projectile designed to produce deep penetration of fourteen to sixteen inches and a six-inch spread of nine separate wound channels. Not even sheet metal, sheetrock, or windshields will stop these rounds from reaching their target.

G2 Research is a strong believer in the 2nd amendment and has produced incredibly unique self-defense ammo for shotguns, rifles, and handguns. This company utilizes a high-level understanding of physics and geometry to produce their fragmenting and expanding bullets. Instead of lead rounds, this company employs solid copper to produce. G2 Research products produce maximal penetration and expansion without the worry of over penetration.


Caliber: 9mm Luger
Category: Centerfire
Bullet Type: Solid Copper Hollow Point (Lead-Free)
Bullet Weight: 92 Grains
Muzzle Velocity: 1250 fps
Muzzle Energy: 319 ft/lbs
Casing: Reloadable Brass
Quantity: 500 Rounds
Uses: Personal Protection, Self Defense
Designed to Produce 14”-16” of Penetration
Designed to Produce 9 Separate Wound Channels Across a 6” Spread
Proven to Penetrate Most Known Barriers

Rip ammo

Price is per 20-round box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes.

Casing Material: Brass

13 reviews for G2R RIP AMMO 9MM 92GR 500 Rounds

  1. wayne jack

    Haven’t had to use them. Hope I don’t have to. But they will solve the problem.

  2. Yert May

    Very effective and a potential carry ammo.

  3. May james

    I shoot a Canik TP9 SFx. Stock, the rounds would not eject properly. Out of the 4 shots I took, I had to rack the slide back 4 times. The round looks great and fires fine, but the claim that “The last round you will ever need” means if you miss the first shot you won’t have to worry about the other person anymore. Just make sure your will is in order.

  4. Mark Dellet

    Looks impressive, hope I never need to see if it works! But it sure looks awesome. A definite attacker stopper!!

  5. Guns Valley

    Thank you for making 9mm CCW OBSOLETE.

  6. Guns Valley

    The price used to be twice and a half their going rate for this incredible ammunition. I use it in my Ruger LCP II with awesome results. This stuff will bring down anything. It loads smoothly and gives me great groupings. Id recommend this ammo to everyone who owns a firearm.

  7. Guns Valley

    This is one of the best prices for this product Ive seen. Grab some while you can.

  8. Guns Valley

    I bought these for my Glock 23 Gen 3 40mm which I changed the RecoilSpring and Went to the Steel Rod that Wolf Recommends! and my Glock 19 Gen 4 9mm. It does as the Video’s On U-Tube!! I like using them!! They Where fun to Shoot But Expansive!!! I haven’t decided on where to use as My Concealed Carry Daily Firearm!!! But I do have a half dozen boxed of each if I decide to. I would suggest you buy some and Target Pratice With Them. Sitting up watermelons to putting 2X10 boards to gether to see the Impact and the follow through formation through each board for yourself!! You will be Surprised of The Formation Through The Boards. All The Pieces Around The Main Bullet!! The Fragments That Break Off In Enter The Board Around The Main Bullet!!! IT Would Eat Through Someone’s Chest Causing Major Problems!!! If Hit In The Center Of Chest!! All The Blood Veins Going To The Heart Would Have Fragment Pieces Through Them!!! Like It States!!! R I P THE LAST BULLET YOU WILL EVER NEED!!! But each one has their Prefer Carry Selfdefense Round To Carry!!! But try some of these!! They Are Critical!!!!!!!!

  9. Guns Valley

    I bought this ammo because it looks and sounds really innovative. I went to the range today to try it out for the first time. I went to rack my P320 9mm, and the round wouldn’t even chamber. The bullet cutouts grabbed my feed ramp and wouldn’t budge into the barrel. No matter how many times I tried …

  10. Guns Valley

    I love this product
    Submitted 8 days ago

    Great shooter and love how it splits off. No problem cycling through my xdm

  11. Guns Valley

    Based on many tests, creates vicious permanent wound cavity and multiple separate wound channels to stop a threat… I have had NO feeding or other issues with this round ever in my HK VP9 sk. I carry at least one clip of this for defense. It will do the job


    I bought this ammo because it looks and sounds really innovative. I went to the range today to try it out for the first time. I went to rack my P320 9mm, and the round wouldn’t even chamber. The bullet cutouts grabbed my feed ramp and wouldn’t budge into the barrel. No matter how many times I tried to reload the clip, manually put a bullet in the chamber (without the mag inserted), nothing would make the bullets feed properly. I was able to get a couple of rounds to chamber in my Kimber Micro 9, but I was never able to make it through an entire magazine without a failure to feed. This is the first ammo that has given me any type of issues with the three guns I mentioned above. That leads me to believe that there is a general design flaw with the G2 RIP ammo. I also bought the .45acp RIP ammo and it did the same thing with my Springfield XDS as well as my Kimber 1911.

  13. hory Hay

    I bought 4 boxes because I wanted to see how reliable it was in my FN-509c. I ran 20 rounds and had 2 misfires. Not very reliable in my limited experience.

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